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Web content, Books, Software, etc.

Copyright is an inherent or natural right i.e. it vests in the creator of the subject matter. However, registration provides strong proma-facie evidence of the ownership. In today's digital world, it is increasingly difficult to prove the original ownership many a time. We therefore advise for and help in getting the copyright registered on valuable written material. RGA lawyers also get the copyright in software registered.

RGA protects the copyright of its clients proactively and keeps a vigil on the market for infringers. In liaison with government authorities, we also get the raids conducted to check and control copyright infringement and piracy.

Litigation & Other services

  • Dispute resolution, Arbitration
  • Litigation in all Indian Courts
  • Real estate documentation
  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Secretarial & Legal Compliance

Industries Served

Information technology (IT), education, pharmaceutical, entertainment, infrastructure, telecom, real estate, oil & gas, energy, power, retail, hospitality, shipping/maritime, aviation, NGOs, export/import and more. There is hardly any industry that we have not worked with.