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Due Diligence

Better be safe than sorry...

Due Diligence should be part of every business transaction. It assumes utmost importance in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures etc.

RGA lawyers have many years of experience in transactional law and have carried out many due diligence assignments for its clients. Knowledge of laws, compliance requirements and strong undersanding of regulatory environment makes RGA excellent choice for carrying our due diligence exercises.

We carry out comprehensive due diligence assignments as required for M&A. We also carry out the specific due diligence assignments e.g. to due diligence under labour and employment laws.

Litigation & Other services

  • Dispute resolution, Arbitration
  • Litigation in all Indian Courts
  • Real estate documentation
  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Secretarial & Legal Compliance

Industries Served

Information technology (IT), education, pharmaceutical, entertainment, infrastructure, telecom, real estate, oil & gas, energy, power, retail, hospitality, shipping/maritime, aviation, NGOs, export/import and more. There is hardly any industry that we have not worked with.