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IP Protection / Raids

We fight pirates...

RGA lawyers proactively work for the protection of intellectual property rights of their clients. We keep a watch on the market and get the raids conducted when we see any act of piracy going on.

Our anti-piracy cell is active and determined to stop piracy in books, software, music, movies and so on.

Our investigative division can carry out any investigative assignment on your behalf in order to ascertain the occurences and extent of violation of your intellectual property rights.

Litigation & Other services

  • Dispute resolution, Arbitration
  • Litigation in all Indian Courts
  • Real estate documentation
  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Secretarial & Legal Compliance

Industries Served

Information technology (IT), education, pharmaceutical, entertainment, infrastructure, telecom, real estate, oil & gas, energy, power, retail, hospitality, shipping/maritime, aviation, NGOs, export/import and more. There is hardly any industry that we have not worked with.