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JV, Mergers, Acquistions

Collaboration is the key for growth

RGA attorneys advise in accordance with the relevant laws including M&A Laws, Exchange Laws and Takeover Codes as applicable.

For cross-border investments, we provide 2-fold analysis i.e. from the perspectives of the investee and the investor's country.

Due diligence of the project and JV Partner Ascertainment of the value of the assets being invested are the part of the exercise.

RGA lawyers have been instrumental in negotiating and drafting the final JV ontracts in many deals for its clients.

Litigation & Other services

  • Dispute resolution, Arbitration
  • Litigation in all Indian Courts
  • Real estate documentation
  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Secretarial & Legal Compliance

Industries Served

Information technology (IT), education, pharmaceutical, entertainment, infrastructure, telecom, real estate, oil & gas, energy, power, retail, hospitality, shipping/maritime, aviation, NGOs, export/import and more. There is hardly any industry that we have not worked with.